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Our team deals with wider consultancy on energy, fuels and gases not only in terms of expertise in law but also knowledge of the energy sector – its constraints and regulatory or antimonopoly related challenges – combined with the knowledge of technical determinants of the functioning of energy systems (electricity, gas and heating). We have vast experience in energy law and infrastructure projects. Our offer is addressed to the final customers for energy, fuels and gas, to wider energy sector including energy enterprises operating in the area of generation, transmission, distribution and trade of energy and fuels. We offer assistance in performing tasks relating to the supporting systems for renewable energy resources, energy efficiency and high-efficiency cogeneration. We provide comprehensive consultancy on financial projects and investments in conventional and unconventional energy resources. We also prepare assessments and legal information to help Clients interpret and use the regulations and offer current monitoring of national and commonwealth legislatives. The experience gained while cooperating with various entities, being knowledgeable of economic and legislative context, and individual approach to Clients’ expectations are our strongest suite.

The team is led by Beata Superson-Polowiec

Contact: superson@polowiec.pl

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