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Modern Law Team

Our team deals with legal assistance in the area which is becoming more and more important both for the day-to-day functioning of entrepreneurs and consumers’ interest.

We specialize particularly in:

  • personal data protection,
  • industrial property rights,
  • copyright,
  • Internet law,
  • disclosure of business information and exchange of business data.

Our experience includes:

  • audit of procedures and documentation relating to personal data processing;
  • preparation and implementation of personal data processing-related documentation;
  • preparation of notifications of personal data sets and changes thereof for registration in GIODO;
  • admission and submitting ISA for registration in GIODO;
  • verification of registrability of a trademark and registration constraints;
  • representation in trademark submission proceedings;
  • preparation of agreements on the transfer of protection rights onto the trademark, license agreements, letters of acceptance and regulations governing use of the trademark;
  • preparation of agreements on the transfer of economic copyright and license agreements;
  • preparation of agreements on the transfer of Internet domain rights.

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