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The Team focuses on providing legal assistance within investment processes conducted by economic entities, including the whole range of activities from consultancy on the acquisition of property rights for investment purposes to the moment of using the ready investment. We care for the investor to go through the administrative procedures smoothly and conclude investment-related contracts which help realizing intended tasks within deadlines.

Our Team specializes in:

  • property law,
  • construction law,
  • spatial planning,
  • environment protection and waste management,
  • technical inspection,
  • investment-related contracts.

We have expertise in:

  • property:
    • due diligence of the legal status of a property, considering both ownership structure and spatial planning, environment protection, requirements for the investment planned on the property (e.g. the change of the status pf the land, enclosed area), risk assessment relating to the planned venture including suggested solutions;
    • regulation of property legal status and related court and administrative proceedings conducted in order to eliminate legal risk relating to the planned investment;
    • consultancy on the acquisition of property rights including preparation, negotiation and assessment of agreements and consultancy on the ways of acquiring property rights;
    • property tax consultancy.
  • construction law:
    • legal support in administrative and administrative court proceedings concerning construction permit or announcement, obligation to obtain the exemption from technical requirements, opinions and agreements, obligation to obtain the permit for use and legalization of facilities built without permit;
    • development of solutions for the Investor to obtain the right to administer the property for construction purposes.
  • spatial planning:
    • support in administration and administration court proceedings relating to the acquisition of zoning conditions or location decision;
    • preparation and assessment of necessary documentation for local spatial planning.
  • environment protection and waste management:
    • conducting environmental audit in order to assess the viability of the investment in light of e.g. protected areas like Natura 2000, the purpose of land in the spatial planning, obtaining necessary permissions and authorizations, submissions and assessments from the environmental regulations view;
    • consultancy on environment protection relating to the assessment and preparation of necessary documentation for obtaining a decision known as environmental approval;
    • assessment of the environmental liability;
    • appraisal of cases relating to the qualification of establishment as lower-tier and upper-tier establishments where major accident hazards may occur;
    • support in administration and administration court proceedings relating to obtaining the approval of tree falling and cases of falling trees without approval;
    • preparation of internal regulations on waste management.
  • technical inspection:
    • support in cases before the Office of Technical Inspection, particularly in connection with the exploitation approvals.
  • Investment related contracts:
    • preparation, assessment, negotiations of contracts on comprehensive implementation of the investment project, including contracts for construction works, contracts for joint implementation of investment, design contracts, consortium contracts, technical inspection contracts, author’s supervision contracts.
    • preparation of draft agreements on property, including sales agreement, tenancy, lease, perpetual usufruct, agreements relating to limited property rights, including easement – particularly with transmission easement.

Contact person:

Marcin Jamrozik jamrozik@polowiec.pl