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Centrum Pro Bono

We are glad to inform that on 16 September 2015 Polowiec i Wspólnicy sp. j. started cooperation with the Polish Legal Clinics Foundation based in Warsaw in order to provide free of charge legal advice as part of the project managed by the Foundation since 2007, Centrum Pro Bono. Starting this cooperation was a natural consequence of our activity concerning both the support we give to pro bono initiatives by providing free of charge legal advice and support we give to medical facilities.

Based on the agreement with the Foundation, our Office shall provide free of charge legal advice to non-governmental organizations (NGO). The scale of Centrum Pro Bono activity is best illustrated by the fact that just in 2014 it helped to provide legal advice to NGOs in 60 cases filed by them.

We hope to successfully support Centrum Pro Bono in the following years.